Basic Life Support Training at NCDC

Basic Life Support Training at NCDC

Basic life support refers to maneuvers used to maintain airway latency and support breathing and circulation without any equipment other than Automated External Defibrillator.

Cardiac arrest in places least expected and patient survival depends on the early recognition and start of Basic Life Support by the witness and use of AED if available.

Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC)partnered with Monitor Healthcare Ltd to equip their staff with essential Basic Life Support skills to handle emergencies that commonly occur especially in the least expected places.

The participants were informed about different emergencies like cardiac arrest, drowning, shock, Asthma, Seizures, and many others while incorporating techniques like CPR, artificial ventilation, and Basic First Aid using an artificial mannequin and live demonstration.

The training was a two-day program in which the staff was grouped in batches to enable participants effectively learn algorithms to resuscitate a victim.

Feedback from participants was satisfactory as they expressed their gratitude to have been opportune to acquire a life-saving skill

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