World blood donors day June 14, is a day set aside by World Health Organization to appreciate voluntary blood donor all over the world and also to encourage other wells many Nigerians or everybody all over the world to join the race and be a voluntary blood donor.

So, on this day Monitor Healthcare Ltd chose to enlighten the public on its public enlightenment program called Monitor your Health on blood donation and the impact on our Healthcare delivery.

The program anchored by the CEO of monitor Healthcare Ltd, Dr Femi Ogunremi invited a guest who is a consultant haematologist at the University of Ilorin teaching hospital and also works with the University of Ilorin as a lecturer at the College of Health Sciences University of Ilorin, Dr Durotoye Adenike Idayat.

She(Dr Durotoye) talked about the world donor’s day; it importance and significance. She also briefly talked about blood and its function in the body. She said “I want to say that blood is life. Without blood, there is no life. We are here this evening because we have blood running in our system because blood is very essential for survival. Inside our blood, we have what we call the red blood cells that supply the oxygen to all the body, all the system and organs of the body. Without oxygen, an individual cannot survive. Without oxygen, an individual is tending towards being having a stroke, having a heart attack. You cannot even survive without oxygen and also inside this blood, we have what we call the white blood cells. These are the cells that help us to fight infections. You even know that now that we have the pandemic of COVID-19. One of these cells in the body like lymphocyte helps us to fight this virus so that it’s not everybody that will come down with severe infections. So that means without white blood cells, we will be sick, we’ll be ill every time”. 

“Now we also have another component and a cellular component that we call platelets that will help us to secure hemostasis, peradventure you secure an accident or you cut your finger maybe while cutting onions or something. Within a few seconds, that blood must stop and it’s because we have the platelets, which is also a component of the blood. So blood is life. Without blood, no human being can be able to survive”.

The myths and facts of blood donations, the attitude of blood donors, donors health protection, policies that guide blood donations to protect blood donors and patients among others were discussed on the show.

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