BREAST-i is a non-diagnostic, easy to use screening device to detect breast cancer. BREAST-i is able to detect abnormalities faster than self-examination because of the light technology.

With BREAST-i, there is no need for tissue compression and due to the light technology used in the creation of this screening tool; it can detect changes in the cells of the breast long before you can feel anything. This greatly increases chances of a cure. The light used in BREAST-i is a red light and the frequency is not harmful to the body. This is the latest gadget to fight the scourge of breast cancer.

If you have purchased your BREAST-i before 1st of January, 2019, you have up to 31st of January to register it for you to benefit on this and have full access to free BREAST-i workshop on how to use – full training.

Please register your BREAST-i device to benefit from 1 year warranty.


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