People need to be aware of carcinogenic foods. What are carcinogenic foods? These are processed food, overcooked food and fried food. These kind of food leads to different kinds of cancer in the body. Being aware of what we eat will help with the fight against cancer. An example of such is food is ‘suya’.

Suya is a processed red meat, which is prepared by barbeque and seasoned with salt, pepper, oil, and many spices.  It is also preserved with seasoning.

The debate on the health issues regarding the consumption of suya has been drawn to many health experts. The medical experts has explained that suya sellers make their suya by burning all sorts of materials, such as firewood and charcoal to make their fire, while plastics and kerosene are used as well to make their ember burn brighter in order to cook the meat.

This process exposes the meat to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), a chemical compound that poses as risk factor to smokers.

PAHs generally have a low degree of acute toxicity to humans. The most significant endpoint of PAH toxicity is cancer. Increased incidences of lung, skin, and bladder cancers are associated with occupational exposure to PAHs.

Beware of carcinogenic foods to fight against cancer. Apart from suya, there many carcinogenic foods that we need to beware of such as; processed meat, red meat, alcohol, sugary drinks or non-diet soda, fast foods or processed foods, etc.

Alcohol, a lot of us enjoy this occasional drink, some of us are addicts to this drink. However, health experts have warned us to reduce our intake of alcohol. This is because Alcohol is classified as ‘group 1 carcinogenic food’ that is, there is sufficient evidence that it leads to different types of cancer such as; throat, breast, oesophagus, mouth, breast, liver, stomach, and bowel.

Sugary drinks or non-diet soda causes obesity and obesity is the major risk factor of several cancers. So it is important to maintain good weight by reducing the intake of sugary drinks or sodas.

There are foods that fights against cancer, these foods helps to reduce the risk of having several cancers. Examples of such foods are; fruits and vegetables, Tomatoes, garlic, citrus fruits, carrots, and whole grains

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