As we very well know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This month every one works together to increase the knowledge around Breast Cancer.

In developed countries, particularly the U. S, between 1 to 3 men in every 100,000 will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. In developing countries, particularly Nigeria, only about 2 out of 10 women diagnosed with breast cancer will survive in 10 years! One of the major reasons for this is late detection due to ignorance or lack of diligence in proper self-examination.

As a result of this, Monitor Healthcare is partnering with a couple of organizations to increase awareness, train people on the effective use of BREAST-i (Monitor Healthcare’s easy self-scanning device) and even conduct screenings with the device.

BREAST-i is an easy to use, self-scanning device used to screen for breast cancer. The red light technology has been moderated to a level that allows the cells to absorb and reflect the light and thus show any abnormalities even before a lump is formed. It can be used on ladies as young as 15 years old and can be used on both pregnant women and nursing mothers. 

Monitor healthcare would also be partnering with the Federal Medical Centre, Ebute-Metta to provide training on the effective use of BREAST-i, breast cancer screening amongst other things.

We are all encouraged to do our best to ensure that we or our loved ones are not fatalities of breast cancer. This can be done by keeping an eye on your breast by using BREAST-i.

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