Healthy living is having the opportunity, capability and motivation to act in a way that positively affects your physical and mental well-being. Paying attention to what you eat, being physically active, and learning more about your food and yourself can help you meet your health goals

A healthy lifestyle involves a lot of things under it, including a nutritional diet, daily exercise, adequate sleep, being happy, and thinking positively. When we do all the necessary elements to have a healthy lifestyle, our lives are going on the right path. Living a healthy life is vital for you to be happy and feel good in your present life and for the future. Once you choose to live a healthy life, it lasts all your life. It not only helps you live longer but also better and less prone to sickness and diseases. A healthy lifestyle is the kind of lifestyle that we should all strive for.



These 5 habit are the healthy lifestyles: Eating a healthy diet, Getting regular exercise, Not smoking, Staying at a healthy weight, and lastly Limiting alcohol.


Example of healthy living includes the following;


  • Get adequate rest daily.


  • Get regular physical activity.


  • Eat more plant based foods.


  • Eat more whole-grain breads and cereals.


  • Choose healthy fats.


  • Achieve/Maintain a healthy weight.  


  • Be free of dependence on tobacco, illicit drugs, or alcohol.  


  • Maintain a cheerful, hopeful outlook on life.



There are lots of ways of being healthy that feel good as well as doing you good.


Benefits of healthy living;


What you gain by living more healthily includes:


  • Feeling better mentally – regular exercise can lift your mood and help you feel better


  • Saving money – eating junk food, smoking, and drinking sugary drinks or alcohol are all expensive habits


  • Fewer health problems – living a healthier lifestyle means a lower risk of developing many illnesses


  • Taking control of your life – getting healthy helps you feel in control of your life.



Getting healthy


‘Healthy living’ means maintaining a healthy lifestyle and introducing habits that improve your health. It can be difficult to change old habits, but there are steps you can take to become healthier. An important first step is identifying less healthy habits and learning new, positive ones to replace them, such as:


Eating healthy foods and balanced meals, sleeping well and managing stress



Practicing safe sex, drinking alcohol responsibly and not abusing drugs being physically active, staying connected with others, being aware of any health risks related to your illness and its treatment, and working with your doctor to monitor these and then take action, taking responsibility for your overall health including having regular check-ups for your eyes and teeth.

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