A lot of people have a different conception about high blood pressure, so this time on monitor your health program, Dr Femi Ogunremi the CEO of monitor Healthcare and the Host of monitor your health program with Dr Michael Mbaogu a general practitioner from Australia talked on hypertension, the symptoms and care.

Dr Mbaogu said “Hypertension literally means high blood pressure. Blood pressure means the pressure at which blood flows through the arteries from the heart. The heart is like a pump with a certain force. the force at which the blood pump into the arteries is the systolic reading which is the upper numerator in the readings while the force when the heart is relaxing is the diastolic reading which is the denominator of the readings. The perfect reading of blood pressure is 120/80 but dealing with range, numbers less than 140/90 to 90/60 is considered a range of normal readings”.

He also said that above 140/90 persistently is not good and can cause rupture of vessels in the body. High blood pressure can cause stroke as a result of rupture of some vessels in the brain, damage in the brain, damage of the heart, eye, kidney and some other parts of the body. There is no time frame in the persistence of the elevation of high blood pressure. The older one gets the higher the chances of having high blood pressure. Studies show that half of the adults over 60years of age will develop high blood pressure.

The major problem in managing High blood pressure is that patients most times are asymptomatic and people don’t know it, so it is a silent killer. Most time they are presented with a stroke, which is a very complicated case. There is a wide range of symptoms patient can show like headache, difficulty sleep, nose bleeding, dizziness, and sometimes visual disturbance.

Hypertension cause enormous complications and in order to screen the population is easy because the technology involved is accessible and can be selfish. Know your numbers; it is very important. People should get in the habit of visiting the doctor and do an annual health check regardless when you have a health problem or not. He advised that when the opportunity avail itself, have yourself check.

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