Earlier this year, Monitor Healthcare in partnership with Kwara state government screened Kwara women of Breast and Cervical cancer in 20 screening centres of all 17 LGAs for 10days on 12th of February to 23rd of February,2020. The screening exercise which was led by the CEO of Monitor Healthcare Ltd, Dr Femi Ogunremi, was staffed with the director of  Medical Service, Medical Doctors from the state, skilled staff of MHL and other Healthcare practitioners.

Almost 3000 women were screened for breast cancer and 66 were found positive which were immediately referred to see the surgeons. A total of about 1700 woman were also screened for cervical cancer and had 144 positive cases. All positive cases of cervical were treated on the spot using cryotherapy. For some that were unable to be treated on the day, were mobilized to a mob up collection centre in Ilorin for treatment.

After the screening event, Monitor Healthcare Ltd pleaded for support of the state government for the positive cases for follow up and treatment to ensure a concluded positive impact of the program; which the response was delayed based on the effect of COVID19 pandemic.

After so many efforts and followup, Kwara state government supported a few selected positive patients for breast screening financially to help with diagnostics and treatment.

Also on the 14th and 18th of November,2020, the patients positive for the cervical screening and treated during the screening done in February in all local government of the state were mobilized to two screening centres in the state for a rescreening and treatment based on findings during the examination.

Efforts were made to contact the patients to make sure they don’t miss out on the opportunity. Calls were put through via the contact number provided by the patients during registration, radio jingle was also done to make the publicity go far. Patients called were informed of the venues available and asked to choose based on date and proximity. Patients were also promised a refund of their bus fare to and fro for the screening.

The screening centres used are General Hospital, Omu-Aran on 14th November 2020 and Civil Service Hospital, Ilorin on the 18th November 2020.

On the screening day, some patients reportedly showed up for breast and cervical cancer screening newly as they have heard on the radio and thought the program is available for them too. The new interested patients were registered and screened, this is to commend and encourage a positive attitude towards health-related events.

The state government plans to make breast and cervical screening free and periodic across the state. This was announced by the commissioner for Health, Hon. Raji Rasaq on the second day of the screening at Civil service clinic, Ilorin.

Monitor healthcare Ltd hopes other government, organizations and stakeholders will also key into this vision to improving healthcare delivery, accessible and affordable.

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