Malaria fever! It seems part of us! What do we need to know as a patient? Majority of the time we see a doctor, the issue is usually concluded as malaria or typhoid, what are we doing wrong and what can we do to prevent this?. These and other questions were attended to on Monitor Your Health show.

On this episode, Dr Femi Ogunremi the CEO of Monitor Healthcare Ltd and Host of Monitor Your Health powered by AreaDoc had Dr Prof Mokuolu a Professor of Pediatrics and a Consultant paediatrician at the University of Ilorin and its Teaching Hospital. He’s currently the National Malaria Technical Director with the National Malaria Elimination Program and he works in the field of malaria and does some extensive consultation for the WHO and several other International Agencies in the area of malaria especially Malaria Case Management.

The expert talked about the burden of Nigeria with malaria looking at the number of lives that this terrible disease claims every year and how to get rid of it. “Malaria is more like a cat with 9 lives and the key strategy is the fact that it’s been wise enough as a disease to partner with a third-party and that is the mosquito. The fact that it is not simply directly from Me to You but goes through a third party who is able to continue to deposit it everywhere is part of the special wisdom of this disease”.

“The first thing in overcoming your enemy is a healthy respect for the enemy and unfortunately, it is one of the most underestimated diseases. But if you think about it, just a rough analysis, when you take bacteria and see the number of people devastated by bacteria; you go to a parasite like malaria, it killed much more; you then go to viruses. So there is this thing about nature that the smaller the attacking organism is, the more devastating the consequence are and I think one way is to show a healthy respect to malaria. COVID is also out there today, people ignore it at their own peril. Number 2 is that, as I’ve said action against malaria must be sustained, it must be concerted, it must be strategic. It must be sustained and it must be in a malleable quantity for it to bring about the desired impact, if things are sporadic they will become inefficient. So that’s part of the reason for the persistence of malaria or just as I keep saying, we are making progress but we are not there yet, I hope I will still have some further time to talk about the efforts towards control.”

He concluded that “If we choose to continue in doing what is right, we will get it right. But if at any point in time we deprioritize malaria then we get the consequence, it’s as simple as that. The tools available and the trajectory that is before us says to us that we can eliminate malaria but it’s a choice. Sustained, Concerted effort, everybody getting involved will take us to that destination. Lethargy, lukewarmness, de-prioritization, will put us in reverse gear. It will not leave us where we are, it will put us in a reverse gear. So, what is ahead of us is really a choice, we can win, we can lose. It’s all a matter of Choice“.

In case you miss this episode, it’s a must watch. Follow for more highly informative session on the show.

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