MHL Breast Cancer Survey

Do you know that Breast Cancer is the one of the highest occurring cancer in Nigerian Women? The rate of mortality (death) due to Breast Cancer is greatly reduced with early detection. One of the most popular ways to tackle Breast Cancer early is by self-examination.

One of the best ways to detect Breast cancer early is to use Breast-i. Breast-i is a portable, easy to use, screening device used to screen for Breast Cancer. It uses light technology that is safe.  The device can be used for between 70 – 100 screenings after a full charge.


Monitor Healthcare Ltd (MHL) is working on a project Against Breast Cancer (ABC) in Nigeria. Are you happy to?

  1. Work with us to fight Against Breast Cancer (ABC) in Nigeria?
  2. Support us in working on a project to eradicate breast cancer in our society?

If your answer any or both of these questions above is yes, please help us to answer the following questions by clicking here.

Thank you for your support always. We believe together we can fight the scourge of breast cancer in our society.


For enquires on Breast Cancer Screening,

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