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As part of our innovative work this year, MHL team up with the Public Health Department of Lead City University (LCU), Ibadan to Fight Against Breast Cancer (ABC) in our society. Breast cancer is one of the major killers in women making over 25% (1 in 4) cancer diagnosed in women in Nigeria today.

Also, it’s sad to know that ONLY 1 or 2 of the ladies diagnosed with breast cancer in Nigeria will survive for 5 years unlike in developed countries where 8 or 9 out of 10 will survive 5 years! The main reason for this is the lack of screening and poor awareness programmes in our society with

The program had about 100 students present which spanned across different departments and colleges. Also present were members of staff and clinical staff for the University Clinic were present.

The HOD of Public Health Department, Dr Bosun Banjoko was present to welcome us as our visit and lecture was a part of their Health week which was in place to sensitize the students and staff alike on Breast Cancer and how to fight the war and emerge victorious against it. He also encourages all present on the importance of early detection in cancer.

An awareness lecture was delivered by Dr Fiyin Tubi on Breast Cancer, its signs, symptoms, preventive methods, the new technological method to screen for cancerous lumps in the breast and how to effectively follow up in the case of a lump or presence of cancerous cells in the breast, while also emphasizing on the importance and key role that early detection plays in curbing the scourge of Breast Cancer. The lecture was delivered at the Adeline Hall of the University. The lecture was well delivered and received thanks to the teaching methods and savvy nature of delivery displayed by the facilitator, the eagerness to learn from the student and staff of Lead City University.

The Dean of Faculty of Basic Medical Science Prof. Olusola Oladokun, also express her interest in the Fight Against Breast Cancer and promise to keep up the fight. The HOD of Nursing Department, Dr Mrs Dada talked about the myth of Breast Cancer. She encourages female students to indulge in Breast Self Examination. She said ”not all lumps are cancerous, most are benign and instead of being religious alone, add work to your faith. Delay is the cause for the loss.”

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