Dr. Femi Ogunremi (CEO, Monitor Healthcare Ltd) through His achievements and that of his team in the sphere of Public Health services especially Breast cancer screening in Nigeria was invited by Leadership Newspaper to enlighten the public about Breast cancer and how to reduce its burden in our beloved country Nigeria.

Dr. Femi while speaking exclusively with Leadership Newspaper urged that the three tiers of government and well-meaning Nigerians to initiate policies that would protect Nigerians from developing cancer, thereby saving lives.

In his speech, he said that such policies should include investing in simple tools for screening such as the BREAST-i; a revolutionary self-use, portable, non-diagnostic screening device used to screen for cancerous lumps in the breast. This device is quite useful because it is a new technological device that uses red light to pick abnormal cancerous lump cells in the breast.   

He believes that in a country like Nigeria where there is lack of national screening program and more people who cannot afford a lot of the screening such as mammograms, BREAST-i can be a first-line screening tool especially in poor resource areas of the country and in all remote places

Dr. Femi said, “If the government can set up high policies to protect our ladies using a device like the BREAST-i as a simple tool and get it on the desk of every doctor, it will help to reduce the scourge of Breast cancer in Nigeria.”

Monitor Healthcare Ltd with its ‘SCREENING WITHOUT BORDER INITIATIVE’ and the help of stakeholders in Nigeria commits to screening to save lives.

The next “Screening Without Border” will be at NEMSA Medical center
1 Bizu Close, off Amazon Street Maitama opposite the German Embassy on the 4th to 7th of March,2019 from 9 am to 4 pm daily. For more information or to book a slot visit

You can also arrange to screen your friends or family today, we screen anywhere and anytime. Make arrangements in small groups and in large numbers by calling +234 906 093 8874 or email Follow us on IG @breastcancerscanner or @drfemiogunremi. The fight Against Non-Communicable Diseases is all our fight!

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