In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria, Dr Femi Ogunremi CEO of Monitor Healthcare Limited talks about training Nigerians on Basic Life Support (BLS) skills in order to equip more people to save lives during emergencies.

Dr Femi Ogunremi said that BLS is grossly lacking and is sometimes responsible for unnecessary death in the country.
In his words, “BLS is crucial in life-saving; as human beings, we have three minutes of grace for the brain to remain healthy if we stop breathing. After this period, the brain cells can be damaged permanently if there is no oxygen, which we get by breathing.”

He posits that people need to be trained in order to be able to identify when there is a life-threatening situation that warrants need for airways to be maintained”.
Dr Femi and his company–Monitor Healthcare Limited, see it as a necessity not only to educate members of the public but train them on what to do before the healthcare team arrives, hence aid people in trouble stay alive until help comes.

He said that everyone including industries, workplace, schools, among others, should have the knowledge of BLS and be trained to deliver it when needed.
He, therefore, urged industries and companies to key into BLS training by providing an adequate budget for it.

Also, that management of the country’s health facilities has standard operating procedures that flag up the training as mandatory for all their staff and possibly make it part of the essentials for employment.

The next Basic Life Support training organized by Monitor Healthcare Limited in collaboration with her UK partners is scheduled to hold from 1st-7th November 2019 and registration is ongoing until October 30th, 2019.
The training is certified by the European Resuscitation Council. Visit to register or for more information.

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