At Monitor Healthcare ltd, our goal is to make available affordable quality healthcare to all anywhere and anytime. To achieve this, we work to create an environment where every individual across Africa and Nigeria in particular can access prompt, quality and affordable healthcare services always irrespective of their social economic class.

We plan, implement and deliver bespoke medical outreaches in needed communities as required by our client in the corporate public and nonprofit sector. Training like Infection and prevention control training, Clinical governance training, Diabetes management training, Resuscitation training, Quality management training and other bespoke training.

We also organize medical screening and awareness programs like Breast cancer screening, cervical cancer screening and cardiovascular screening. We partner with different organizations to achieve our vision. This has been a culture we have built as an organization over the years and 2021 was no different.

Moving forward in 2021, Monitor healthcare ltd introduced some programs to the medical screening program which are the Dental and Deworming screening for school pupils, Diabetes screening, HIV screening and Ophthalmology screening. We partnered with The Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN), Lagos State Government, OLAM cocoa, Federal Medical Centre Ebute Metta, Yaba College of Health Technology, BRECAN Nigeria, FHS, MEDBURY, Esher and Makarios Law Firm, PAGE FINANCIALS, Crestview Radiology Ltd and stakeholders like Hon Femi Gbajabiamila, Hon Adejare.

In total, number of people attended to in all our medical screening done in the year 2021 are 14,168 and the number of participants trained in all our training program (Basic Life Support (BLS) training, Advance Life Support (ALS) training, CPR, IPC) are 795. Also,during the school health programme, the number of school children screened and treated is 2,768 and in all our medical outreaches, 33 communities were visited and 4,364 benefited from the screenings.

We are amazed by these impacts we were able to create in the year 2021. Join us this year to create more impact. We are open for more partnership until quality healthcare is made available to all anywhere and anytime.

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