According to the latest research on cancer from National Cancer Institute, May 21st, 2019, New findings from a clinical trial suggest that a single dose of radiation therapy may control painful bone metastases (is a category of cancer metastases that results from primary tumor invasion to bone) as effectively as multiple lower doses of radiation therapy.. This is possible when these cancerous cells are detected earlier which is why, Monitor Healthcare, with the support of financial, medical and educational institutions will continue to organize screening outreaches in order to help people have a chance against breast cancer.

Awareness of the symptoms and the need for screening are important ways of reducing the risk of cancer and mortality rate.

The recent outreaches which were in collaboration with EfferentCARES Initiatives were held at Regina Mundi Catholic Hospital, Mushin Lagos on 29th and 30th of May 2019 with about 200 women present, and St Raphael Divine Mercy Hospital, Ijede Lagos on 27th and 28th of June also with about 100 women present. These women were familiarized with the threat of cancer and the importance of the screening exercise.

Registration of participants was made after which the screening started. All positive cases were referred for a more diagnostic test and/or treatment.

The medical team of St Raphael Divine Mercy Hospital were impressed and gave their support by organizing a free HIV test and BP checks to encourage and appreciate the good effort made for the people and the good work done.

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Written by Genevieve Nwagwu..

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