This event was held on the 17th of October 2019, MHL partnered with the Pharmaceutical Association of Nigerian Students Ile-Ife to conduct a free breast cancer screening exercise at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife Osun state.

There was a lecture given by the CEO of MHL, Dr Femi Ogunremi regarding breast cancer, its signs, symptoms, preventive measures and how to effectively follow up in the case of a lump or presence of cancerous cells in the breast and also emphasized on the importance and key role that early detection plays in curbing the scourge of breast cancer.

The BREAST-i device is a non-diagnostic, easy to use screening device to detect cancer lesion. Unlike a mammogram, there is no tissue compression. Due to the light technology used in the creation of this screening device, it can detect changes in the cells of the breast long before you can feel anything, this greatly increases chances of a cure. The light used in the BREAST-i is a red light and the frequency is not harmful to the body.

58 women registered and then 33 were screened. All that got screened were amazed and excited about the technology being used (BREAST-i), as it was painless and easy to use. Among the (33)women recorded to be screened, people positive were referred for further medical follow-up.

There is a need for awareness and early screening because it is an important way of reducing the risk of cancer and mortality rate. This is why Monitor Healthcare Ltd with the support of financial, medical, and educational institutions will continue to organize more of these screening outreaches in order to help people have a chance against breast cancer and make quality healthcare accessible.

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