Monitor Healthcare Limited represented by the CEO Dr. Femi Ogunremi worked on a partnership arrangement with Rwanda Biomedical Center in Kigali to promote quality healthcare service and introduce the innovative revolutionary breast cancer screening device called BREAST-i into the Rwanda health sector.

Tuesday 18th January,2019 Monitor Healthcare Limited concluded a stakeholders meeting in Kigali following a collaborative arrangement with Rwanda Biomedical Center. Present at the meeting was the Rwanda Biomedical Center team led by Mr. Francois and the CEO of Monitor Healthcare Ltd, Dr. Femi Ogunremi.

The Rwanda Biomedical Center is an offshoot of the Ministry of Health in Rwanda which has the responsibility to coordinate and follow-up on the implementation of programs aiming at improving health promotion, disease prevention, diagnoses and treatment of communicable and non-communicable diseases across Rwanda, amidst other health related responsibilities.

The purpose of the stakeholder meeting was to showcase and introduce BREAST-i and its potentials to use as a mass screening device in resource poor areas around the world. BREAST-i is a UK manufactures battery operated simple device that works based on simple red light technology. Individual can use it for screen and it has the potential for use for field work and mass screening in the community. The value of the device cannot be overemphasized in fighting the scourge of breast cancer in this modern age. Early detection in cancer means higher survival chance!

Monitor Healthcare Ltd CEO/MD, Dr. Femi Ogunremi delivered a full presentation on the device to the stakeholders present. The Rwanda Biomedical center team and stakeholders present were impressed with available published evidence especially with the sensitivity of over 93% and specificity of 87%.

As a follow up to the meeting both parties agree to work on a joint field work to validate the effectiveness of the device in various regions across Africa including in Kigali.

The CEO/MD of Monitor Healthcare Ltd, Dr. Femi Ogunremi donated a unit of BREAST-i device to the Rwanda Biomedical Center as both organizations begin working out a sustainable partnership towards winning the fight against Breast Cancer using BREAST-i device in the region and across Africa.

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