Monitor healthcare Limited in partnership with Federal Medical Centre conducted a Breast Cancer Awareness training. The program held on 10th October 2018 and started by 11 AM.

The attendees ranged from various medical personnel to non-medical personnel. The aim was to discuss the importance and knowledge on the growing surge of non-communicable diseases with a special interest in breast cancer as well as ways to get ahead of the disease, reducing as many casualties as possible.

The training held at the conference room of the Federal Medical Centre with the CEO of Monitor Healthcare Ltd, Dr. Femi Ogunremi as the primary facilitator. The event coordinator from the Federal Medical Centre, Mr. Durodola A. O. welcomed the Monitor Healthcare team and worked with them behind the scenes to ensure a smooth running of the program.

People of varying areas of competencies were in attendance. Some of which included Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Radiologists, and other primary health practitioners, as well as other members of the public, attended the seminar. Also in attendance was Mr. Awoyomi Bola, the Head of Training Department, FMC Mrs. U. M. Umonnan, the Director of Radiography Department, Federal Medical Centre and other members of staff.

At the beginning of the training, some of the medical personnel were introduced. Dr. Ogunremi made his presentation by showing the decline of communicable diseases which were common in Nigeria in prior years to the alarmingly high rate of mortality cases as a result of non-communicable diseases in recent times. He stated the changes in lifestyle as one of the reasons for this shift. He mentioned how issues like late marriage and refusal to breastfeed as some of the factors that increase the risk of breast cancer. He also noted that breast cancer is also present in men and the percentage though minimal is almost more aggressive than that of the women.

He highlighted reports from the World Health Organization with supporting statistics that showed how high the mortality rate of breast cancer patients in areas like Nigeria as against the reverse case in developed countries like the US and UK. He noted that one of the major reasons for this is the gross ignorance of people in this part of the world and the blatant denial of bad news as “not their portion” pointing out that because they weren’t vigilant, by the time of diagnosis almost nothing can be done. He stressed the importance of constant screenings and self-examination although he noted that many members of the public don’t self-examine and among those that do, even more, don’t know what they are to look out for. He urged the medical personnel and everyone in attendance to do better in educating those within their sphere of influence on the importance of getting screened. He mentioned however that the self-examination technique is a crude way of getting the job done and there are currently more efficient ways of getting screened.

He broke the entire attendees into focus groups and armed them with the BREAST-i device. Their task was to look, see and feel the device seeing how much they could derive from a mere overview of the device. They were to discuss their findings within their group and raise questions based on their findings. The Doctor went round the groups finding out what they knew and clarifying grey areas before the groups were broken up. Many of the issues that were raised in the focus groups were discussed generally. Some of the benefits of the device include the ability of the battery not to overcharge, the light technology that the cell absorbs to reflect any abnormalities before a lump is ever formed.


After the presentation, Dr. Femi Ogunremi the C.E.O. of Monitor Healthcare Ltd stressed the importance of screening to curb breast cancer and how ill health can affect one’s resources. The lucky winner of a fit bit was selected by a raffle draw to mark the end of the training.


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