The Leadership and Entrepreneurship training workshop for doctors held at the Doctor’s House NMA building, Ilorin on the 26th and 27th January, 2018. This workshop was organised and delivered by MHL in partnership with NMA Kwara. It was attended by over 50 medical doctors practicing in Ilorin.

The first ten to arrive at the conference were each given a copy of the British National Formulary (BNF) which is an extremely useful reference book that provides one with a wide spectrum of information as well as advice on prescribing and pharmacology.

The training workshop was held to open the minds of the doctors to the various opportunities for entrepreneurship. They were told about how true entrepreneurs are those who can build something of value in uncertain conditions. The importance of value leadership was discussed and how it is important for everyone working in the hospital environment to share similar ideologies and values.

They were shown the benefits of making changes within their sphere of influence as opposed to waiting for external changes within their environment. They saw the futility of blaming policy makers and fighting other medical professionals who aren’t doctors or inspiring unnecessary competition with them.

They broke into focus groups to discuss the limitations within the healthcare sector and propose entrepreneur based solutions to said problems. They also discussed the difference between value, leadership and their cultural implications.

One of the highlights of the training was when the training coordinator, Dr Femi Ogunremi (CEO, Monitor Healthcare Ltd) hosted an interactive session on Clinical Governance. He flagged up the importance of appraisals in clinical practice and alongside other topics around safe practice, there was deep discussion around the proper procedure when errors or mistakes are made as a medical professional. Dr Ogunremi also talked about the need for innovation. He used two of MHL products BREAST i and AreaDoc (Monitor Healthcare’s innovative mobile app) as an examples of individual meeting a need within the environment.

The program was rounded up with the presentation of gifts by Prof. Mokunolu to the training coordinator on behalf of NMA in appreciation of the workshop and in recognition of Dr Ogunremi’s support for the association.

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