The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) welcomed with open arms Monitor Healthcare Ltd to train and educate their women on what they need to know about Breast Cancer. The boardroom was filled with eager women with questions and concerns that were all addressed during the session.

The team was led by the CEO of Monitor Healthcare Ltd, Dr. Femi Ogunremi as part of the activities for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month running throughout October.

Prevailing topics like the rising risk of non-communicable diseases like stroke, heart attack and especially breast cancer were discussed. Issues like late diagnosis were discussed at length. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) report presented at the training, developed countries present early so they are more likely to overcome breast cancer as a result.

In developing countries especially a place like Nigeria although rife with opportunities, still lose too many people needlessly to cancer. This is usually the case because many people think things like cancer can’t happen to them so the steps they need to take to catch it early like regular self examination and screenings are not done. Even when self-examination is done, many people don’t know what they are looking for or even how to do it. This makes them prevent at the time when cancer has ravaged the body and nothing can be done.

The BREAST-i device was also discussed as an all important screening tool in the fight against breast cancer. The device is used to screen for breast cancer. The light technology allows screening for abnormalities in the breast. Medical practitioners are advised to get the device to help their patients prevent late detection. If cancer is detected early enough, there might not even be a need for chemotherapy. The BREAST-i is a tool that is not age specific.

Myths were straightened out during the course of the training. Questions were asked like the myth that underwire and tight bras cause cancer. They were informed that while such bras can be uncomfortable, there is no link between that and breast cancer. Factors that increase the risk of breast cancer are those that have an effect on the hormones like breastfeeding,

The aim of the training is to sensitize people so that they, in turn, can talk to others on the importance of being breast cancer aware. After the training,  many of the members of the agency were interested in getting screened for breast cancer and the screenings were conducted for all consenting participants.

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