On Thursday the 28th of March 2019, Monitor Healthcare Limited collaborated with Babcock University Student’s Association (BUSA) to organize and deliver awareness on Breast Cancer, its signs, symptoms, preventive methods and how to effectively follow up in the case of a lump or presence of cancerous cells in the breast, while also emphasizing on the importance and key role that early detection plays in curbing the scourge of Breast Cancer. The lecture was delivered at the University stadium.

 Almost 100 students were present, which spanned across different departments and colleges, also present were members of staff and clinical staff for the University Clinic.

The student union leader was present to welcome us as our visit and lecture was a part of their BUSA week 2019 which was in place to sensitize the students and staff alike on Breast Cancer and how to fight the war and emerge victorious against it.

The lecture was well delivered and received thanks to the teaching methods and savvy nature of delivery displayed by the facilitator, the eagerness to learn from the student and staff of Babcock University.

The screening exercise took place after the lecture using the BREAST-i screening device by our (MHL) medical team. The medical team led by Dr Fiyin Tubi screened a total number of 83 students after consent has been given. The smiles and the relieve saw on the faces of the participant gave us at MHL a great satisfaction.

We promise not to stop until Quality and Affordable Healthcare is available for everyone, everytime, everywhere.

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