The 20th day of July marked the 2nd edition of the prestigious Exclusive Personality Royal Awards (EPRA), Leadership and Entrepreneurial awards. It was created with the aim of appreciating the strides of Africans in the Diaspora as well as to inspire the next generation. The awards feature those in various fields from Leadership to health and civic responsibility.

The Chief Host of the 2018 EPRA Awards, Tayo Akobi JP in the welcoming address stated that the uniqueness of EPRA awards is to recognize leaders with distinct intellect; leaders who are ready to groom followers; leaders favourably disposed to transferring knowledge and power to followers as well as leaders with selfless intent to equip the younger generations for green economy. The awards ceremony was set out to accord proper recognition to a crop of leaders and entrepreneurs considered the best in terms of exemplary leadership core values, norms, characteristics and continuing commitment to encouraging excellence.



The event was very colorful with the attendance of people from different walks of life and fields of pursuit. It was also a time for networking and reunion of acquaintances.

The CEO of Monitor Healthcare Limited, Dr. Femi Ogunremi bagged the Medical innovative award for his contribution to the improvement of healthcare delivery.


The award was given in honor of his service in the healthcare sector both in Nigeria and the United Kingdom through Monitor Healthcare Limited and other efforts. Some of the contributions include the launching of the AreaDoc app which is a Mobile Health app that facilitates access to medical care no matter where the user may be. This app is currently on both Android and iOS stores and the numbers of both users and medical practitioners signed on to the app are steadily increasing.

Monitor Healthcare Ltd, is the primary distributor of BREAST – i in Africa and the Middle East. BREAST- i is a revolutionary, non-diagnostic, easy to use screening tool used to screen for breast cancer. The device is portable and is used around the world in mass screening and early detection of breast cancer. Monitor Healthcare is charged with bringing the tool to the continent and constantly seeks to partner with organizations to increase the reach and distribution of the device in Africa and the Middle East.



The EPRA awards is an annual award and is hosted by the Fancy TV Channel UK. The glamorous event was held at the Golden Palace Banqueting suite, London. All the proceeds from the awards will be deployed to Fancy Foundation Acquisition Skills to help the younger generation.


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