AreaDoc (AD) is a smart mobile healthcare app driven by the need to provide quality healthcare solutions to everyone irrespective of time, location and situation. Just by clicking away on this unique mobile health solution, you can get second opinion, you can ask all your health-related questions and control emergency situations in a matter of minutes any time, any day. Talk about putting your health in your hand, with AD App you are strategically empowered to prevent unnecessary panic. Through the Symptoms Checker, you can navigate your way to some provisional diagnoses. Taking it further, you can choose to chat or call a doctor for further clarifications.


  • Self Examination
  • Virtual Clinic
  • Online Prescription
  • Host Own Clinic
  • Medical History
  • Free Health Advice
  • File Upload
  • Patient Referral Program
  • Order Tests
  • Security & Confidentiality
  • Patient Care