Medical telecommunication and informatics has changed the ways of medical practice. There is a new trend in the health delivery system which aims at improving quality, speed, and adequacy of delivery. Electronic Health delivery system is a term that encompasses a range of services or systems which are at the edge of medicine/healthcare and information technology. These include:
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Computerized Physician Order Entry
  • ePrescribing
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Telemedicine
  • Consumer Health Informatics
  • Health Knowledge Management
  • Virtual healthcare teams
  • mHealth or m-Health
  • Medical research
  • Health Information Management
Working closely with our UK based partners CoAcS and Clarity, we are able to deliver innovative E-Health platforms tailored to the needs of our partners. We work with individuals, educational organisations, healthcare delivery organisations, government and professional bodies. Our close relationship with academia gives us a good ground to remain at the frontline of scientific and technological advances.
Working hand in hand with our partners, we are able to deliver and manage quality and sustainable E-Health platforms that suite our partners.
Our area of operation is primarily in the healthcare delivery system. In collaboration with our partners, we work hard to develop solutions and software that will improve their service delivery. We also work with various professional bodies to develop databases and platforms that will promote easy registration for members, easy and secure payment platforms, robust database management systems with solid education and training platform.