Imagine you are on certain pills prescribed by your doctor and you have run out. You go to the local pharmacy near your house but it is out of stock. You basically send out a search party to look for this seemingly elusive drug but they all come up empty. How would you feel if I told you that you not only had access to not only an easier way to get your prescription filled but you also have access to a world of medical services at your fingertips. This is what AreaDoc gives you.

AreaDoc is the new face of mobile health in Nigeria. It gives you unlimited access to healthcare professionals from all around the world who can meet your needs.


#1- You don’t have to go the hospital to get a primary diagnosis.

Let’s say you have a medical issue that has been bothering you but you don’t want people to look at you strangely or find out what is going on with you, AreaDoc is a good place to find out a primary diagnosis. You can simply open the app, click on any part of the symptom checker bothering you and a list of possible causes will pop up. The cool thing about symptom checker is that once you touch for instance, the head, you can select what is bothering you as well as find specialists in that area. You can also search for possible issues if you don’t know what blue dot to press on the checker. You can also rotate the checker to see the blue dots at the back as well.


#2- Health care professionals have access to more patients

As you well know, the internet has the widest customer pool and is accessible to all. We, the AreaDoc team give you the health care service providers access to our patient pool. Whatever your specialization, no matter where you live, we have you covered. Once you sign on as a service provider, any of our users can get in touch with you.

This is especially useful when looking for a specialist in a particular field. This app is more than just an app for second opinions, it is a link between service professional and user as well as user to user.


#3- You can find specialists to meet your health care needs.

Say for instance you have been referred by a doctor to a neurologist. All you need to do is search the app. You will have various doctors and their field of specialization at your disposal. In the same vein, there are pharmacists and laboratories which you can connect with on the app. No matter your health challenge, there is a solution on the app tailor-made just for you.

Stay on top of your health and download AreaDoc today. Log on to to get started.

If you are a medical personnel and you are interested in joining the platform, send a mail indicating your interest to and as soon as you are vetted, you will be placed on the platform.

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