Monitor Healthcare Ltd (MHL) sadly announces the passing away of a great inventor and partner on the 13th of July,2020. The brain behind the innovative device, BREAST-i, Dr. David Watmough.

I lost a friend, a mentor, a business partner! The great inventor of BREAST-i scanner! David, you will forever be missed! Your legacy lingers on through your work – from your weak voice when we spoke last, your vision was clearly and strongly communicated! You spent a lifetime to work on this project. We are committed to taking the baton where you have left it! Your spirit will live on in BREAST-i and for every person whose life is touched by the device is another win. Thank you for impacting this world during your time here! You will forever be missed – Rest on!!
Dr. Femi Ogunremi. CEO Monitor Healthcare Ltd

David Watmough,
Your life has been a blessing to this generation.
You invented the BREAST-i device which has changed the lives of thousands of women across Africa in preventing needless deaths.
Your legacy lives on through the souls you have saved.
Rest in peace.
Tunde Kikiowo Monitor Healthcare Ltd

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