Mhealth (mobile health) is a general term for the use of mobile phones and other wireless technology to support the achievement of health objectives. The most common application of Mhealth is the use of mobile devices to educate consumers about preventive healthcare services. However, Mhealth is also used for disease surveillance, treatment support, epidemic outbreak tracking, and chronic disease management.

AreaDoc is an example of mHealth in Nigeria. Area Doc provides mHealth services that seek quality healthcare solutions to everyone irrespective of time, location, and situation. You have access to free health advice with our doctors, book laboratory tests and get results in no time, guaranteed security and confidentiality of patient’s information, and home visits for laboratory tests and treatments.

In Nigeria, it has been reported that mHealth has been used to support health workers by collecting client data, monitoring clients, and giving counseling and health talks.


  • The major benefit of Mhealth is its convenience, using mobile technology allows users to continuously track and manage certain health data without having to see their healthcare provider.
  • Mhealth helps bridge gaps in care by allowing patients to communicate with their physician or care team and vice versa without face to face.
  • Mhealth apps play a critical role in the betterment of healthcare and delivering practical benefits to prevent, cure and manage diseases.
  • It promotes rapid response to the patients.
  • The medical and administrative costs on clients may be reduced by mHealth thus promoting sharing health management, and assisting patients and communities to actively engage in their own care

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