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Ethical problems in healthcare environment especially when not managed properly can cause harm and most times result in inflicting patients with moral harm or injury leaving health professionals at risk of feeling emotional distress.

This training is essential to support the learning and development of ethical competencies among healthcare professionals and students.It is an inseparable part of clinical medicine to ensure that patient benefit from the health services, risks are minimized and preferences are valued. These training and compliance programs help ensure that staff are informed about the medical ethics dilemmas they will face daily and how to address them properly.


Monitor Healthcare Ltd offers training and certification on medical ethics for an individual or an organization. A wide range of medical ethics topics is discussed in this training such as patient confidentiality, informed consent, surrogate decision-making, disclosing medical errors, medical research, beginning and end-of-life issues, etc. Simulations are also provided to apply principles learned to real-world situations.

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