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Infection Prevention and Control Interacting safely with COVID-19 in work environment

COVID-19 has caused a lot of damage to business and its not showing signs of easing off. Its imperative for business owners and their workers to understand how to work safely and interact safely with this virus. We cannot lockdown forever and vaccinations doesn’t seem to be the permanent solution now that we are new strains of the virus coming up!

The aim of this training is to educate business owners and their staff on the virus and work with them to learn how to interact safely with the virus at work. On this training , you will learn to prevent unnecessary person to person cross infection that can lead to multiple people coming down with the infection. In case when any of your staff is unwell, you will learn the appropriate measure to prevent the spread of the infection. There are sessions where doctors share experiences to on how to promote immunity and necessary steps to take when a staff is unwell.

Lets fight COVID together.

Available both in physical and online training.

Key topics to be covered
  • Understand Process of acquiring infection (with specific attention to COVID-19) and its threat to community safety.
  • Understand the importance of procedures and guidelines in Safe Re-opening of services.
  • Understand Chain of infection and how infection spread in organisations.
  • Understand the role of personal protection in Infection Prevention and Control.
  • Understand how to prevent the spread of infection in organisation
  • Understand how boost your immunity during epidemic and pandemic with survivors personal experience.
  • Importance of auditing.
Dr. Femi Ogunremi
He is a keen teacher, a medical educator, a Fellow of Higher Education Academy (HEA) in the UK and a Fellow of Royal Society of Public Health (FRSPH). He is certified trainer for Lagos Safety Commission in Infection Prevention and Control (IPC).

Video of one of our workplace Trainings in Lagos

Date – 14th January,2021

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