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Medicines Information Unit

Here at MHL we are committed to providing cutting edge healthcare services in Africa. We are passionate about patient care so we have decided to take our portfolio of clinical services to the next level by working with other services providers in UK and in Nigeria to establishing the very first Medicines Information (MIU) Service in Nigeria.

What is a Medicines Information Unit? It is a service that provides tailored care information and advises clinicians on the safe and effective use of medicines.

Our MIU provides a system for recording medicines related enquiries, auditing enquiries and helping users find the best information to answer their enquiries. This makes it different from other online databases or medicine information books which are sources of information.

The aim of the MIU is to reduce Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) in patients, improving patient safety and achieve satisfactory clinical outcomes.

The unit is staffed by specially trained and experienced pharmacists who have clinical skills as well as expertise at finding and interpreting clinical information as it relates to medicines use. Most of our staff would have undergone a specialized training on handling medicines related queries.

Up till now an MIU has been in the exclusive ownership of rich western countries and it is well documented that having an MIU greatly strengthens the healthcare system of a country.

The impact of an MIU on patient care is one of the reasons why the advanced healthcare systems of the world have an excellent life expectancy rate vis-a-vis sub-Saharan Africa.

As we launch our MIU helpline for patients to advice about medicines usage we also aim to launch an MIU helpline for health professionals Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses, Researchers as well to provide high quality evidence based clinical information for the care of their patients (on 16th of November, 2015).

We work in collaboration with some international organization to provide training for healthcare provider in both community and hospital setting. This will be quality training with a formal certificate which will yield CME points.

Our overall aim is to provide access to information that will save lives at the point of care, establishing standards of care and designing treatment protocols.

Our responses to your queries are evidence based and reliable at world class standard. Usual questions will be about, ingredients, interactions, ADR, combination medicine, safe medicines in pregnancies or other special circumstances.

If you require our help please contact us

For medicines information call +2347038072039 between 9am and 5pm.

For more information about how to use our services call:

Nig: +23407038072039


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