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Another Batch of Basic Life Support Training is around the corner!!!

Monitor Healthcare Ltd provides in-depth and strong base knowledge for dealing with emergencies. This skill is essential as there is rising incidences of death from non-communicable diseases.

There is a lot you do not know about Basic Life Support. 

 CPR is just one of the modules covered!

Learn the ABC’s of Basic Life Support and get certified at the end of the training.

Enroll for this training and double survival rates from out of the hospital cardiac arrest.

Sacrifice 4 hours of your time to empower yourself and who knows you might be in a position to save someone.

Date: 27th May,2022.

Time: 10am.

For more enquires : 


IG: monitorhealthca

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Twitter: monitorhealthca

OR CALL: 09032225052, 09035780321.

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