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Are you traveling to study abroad OR a dependent of a visa or work permit holder? 

Are you thinking about that job to survive as a student or dependent with work permit? 

Take the opportunity with our learning scheme to learn core competences require to work in healthcare space! 

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Monitor Healthcare Ltd training offers opportunity to:

1. To learn the culture and the system of practice in developed countries especially NHS England learning from experienced trainer.

2. Build a robust CV to secure Health Care Assistant jobs and placement in healthcare space in developed countries.

3. Improve your chance of securing a high paying jobs.

4. Have a reflective learning experiences. 

5. To get job experience and references.

6. Secure internationally recognized certificates at a relatively cheaper rate! 

7. Mentorship, guidance and coaching for job applications and for future engagements.

8. Get a decent and relatively dignifying and better paying jobs! 

Take the advantage of our 5 days of deep learning to unlock opportunities above. 

Call our hotlines NOW to find out more on how to register for the our June or July batch on: 0903 222 5052, 0906 093 8874 or 0703 807 2039

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Our hot lines again:  0903 222 5052, 0906 093 8874 or 0703 807 2039

Seize the opportunity before you travel, you will be glad you did!

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