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We bring to you exciting news regarding our school health program in schools. Our mission is to empower this young and coming generation to become life savers and rescuers during emergency situations, increasing the chances and rate of survival in our various communities. In this issue, we have highlighted the inspiring stories, CPR training milestones, student ambassadors, trainer’s corner, upcoming events and the call for students and parents ambassadors.

  • Inspiring Stories: Not in a school setting but at the popular New Afrika Shrine, fondly known as “FELA SHRINE”, the staff had just learned how to do CPR and they had a show on a faithful Thursday night, as the show was progressing one of the attendees went into a shock frenzy and fell to the ground. The waiters and Security guards on duty quickly rushed to the aid of the client and after checking for response and he was still conscious, they put him in RECOVERY POSITION. This person later threw up and when he was feeling better, he thanked them and went his merry way. If they hadn’t come to help him when they did, he would have probably aspirated and choked on his vomit. This could have happened anywhere, in a school, at a park, at home, in church, at the mosque, and even at a party, and, children can do many of the steps involved in performing effective CPR and saving someone’s life or lives.
  • CPR Training Milestones: As an organization, MONITOR HEALTHCARE LTD has reached out to over 100 schools in Lagos and Kwara States! Woohaa!!, We have visited and made impact on over 300 children, sensitizing and spreading the word about children learning the life-saving skill. We’re also proud to let on that more schools are joining this initiative next term, sign up for your school too so that the students can benefit from this skill. Let’s applaud the dedicated schools that have embraced this important curriculum and made part of their students’ learning experience.
  • Student Ambassadors: We have successfully trained and made 9 pupils of THE FORESHORE SCHOOL Ikoyi, CPR Ambassadors. We hope to have more ambassadors soon. We have created a website channel to this effect where you can read more about our training milestones here. Get inspired by their passion and dedication!
  • Trainer’s Corner: Our educators, Dr. Ogunremi, a UK-certified medical doctor and educator, also Ifeyinwa and Maryann, Nigerian trained albeit UK-certified Basic Life Support accessors play a pivotal role in imparting CPR knowledge and skills to the students, using bright and easy to understand instructional materials, songs, slides and mannequins for demonstrations, class activities and quizzing with occasional visits to achieve the best practice in delivering engaging and effective CPR Training.
  • Upcoming Events : Mark your calendars! More sensitization visits to schools, on the 25th the Kwara team is set to visit Chapel School in Ilorin. While schools are doing their graduations. We hope to kick off more trainings with schools in Lagos State, so stay tuned and anticipate.
  • Call for Students and Parents Ambassadors: We are always in need of enthusiastic volunteers (sponsors) to support our cause. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, educator, PTA Board member, Head Teacher, Primary & secondary school owner or simply passionate about saving lives, your involvement can make a significant difference. Sign up your children or the kids in your estate. Together we can create a generation of confident and capable lifesavers. “Start children off the way they should go and even when they are old, they will not turn away from it.”(PROVERBS 22:6)

Thank you for your support and making out time to read this newsletter. We believe that if children start young to learn this life skill and inculcate the habit of being empathetic with their peers then they will never depart from it.

Stay tuned for more updates and inspiring stories in our next newsletter. Kindly visit our website to know more about us and our services, you can follow us on our social media handles below.

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