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Care is fundamental to overall health and productivity. Throughout the lifespan, health is the wellspring of thinking and communication skills, learning, resilience, and self-esteem. Medical practitioners make a difference because they can apply medical knowledge and understanding to the treatment of the ill in a culturally competent manner.

The Lagos State University College of Medicine organized a program to enlighten and inspire them to think outside the box and bring forth a sustainable and innovative approach to life.

Based on recommendations and evident-based proven record of success, Dr. Femi Ogunremi (CEO of MHL) was invited to be the keynote speaker for their symposium. Dr. Femi Ogunremi has made incredible impacts in the healthcare space over the years and he still brings forth innovative ways to make health services affordable, accessible, and available with a focus on Non-Communicable Diseases.

The keynote speaker spoke on what next after school and the urge for most students to JAPA. Migrating should not be a concern for us as brain drain is becoming a terror for the health sector. Identifying a need and being innovative to ensure that it addresses that challenge can make a difference. He appealed to the newly inducted students to solve the problems causing doctors to leave rather than join them to JAPA.

He explained that if the issues were not tackled, the health sector and every individual could be affected.
The talk went on for about an hour with the students listening with rapt attention. The goal of the keynote speaker was achieved and every attendee was grateful.


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