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Medical Educator Trains Pupils On CPR Skills In Lagos

Call for more awareness and training

Eko Hot Blog reports that a Medical Educator, Dr. Femi Ogunremi, who is also the founder of Medical Healthcare Limited, has organized  cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training for the pupils of a Lagos-based school, The Foreshore School, Ikoyi. Ogunremi said there was need for the country to start to change the narrative from people dying to surviving after a slump, through basic life skills.

He said that it became necessary to start equipping children from the age of nine years with the skill in order to change the narrative from people dying  to surviving when they collapse. He said that the training was the first of its kind and the aim was to reach out to as many schools across the country to engage the stakeholders to key into training children on the skill.

“CPR, obviously, we know is very important;  now, people collapse, including adults and children.

“We have had situations in schools as well, and we feel that some of the things that could have been done are not done properly in some cases.

“We have been training the adults for sometime now, and so, we feel that it will be good to bring it from a downward-upward approach to also get the children to understand it”.

“So, that is why we embark on this school training; and then, we are trying to engage as many schools as possible”.

“Hopefully, the government will see what we are doing and key into how important it is for us to teach children to change their mindset, “ Ogunremi said.

Also, an Administrator of the school, Ms Oyindsmola Igbeyemi, who lauded the training, said that it would help the children gain the knowledge and start to understand the skills that are required. According to her, this is so that they know that should any emergency arise, they have the knowledge and skills required to address them.

“Today, we had training on CPR with our year six pupils, aged 10 and above, and I thought it was a good session for them to have, important life skills because these days emergencies occur and trained adults may not be present to rectify matters.

“Also, I am very impressed with how intelligent and skillful children are, especially these days; they are very willing to learn and understand the meaning of life and how to address issues”. “So, being guided adequately and correctly as a matter of responding to emergency is very important”, she said.

The administrator said also, there was need for government, individuals and organisations to protect the integrity of the nation’s human capital in general.

According to her, emergency services is one area that the country may be taking for granted.

“I do not know what the statistics are, but by the time you see the news everyday, you will find publications or stories on things that have happened that could have been avoided.

“We just need to make sure that safeguarding is at the top of  our minds and the protection of human beings in everything we do everyday, “Igbeyemi said.



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